Friday, June 21, 2013

Food on Friday: Strawberry rhubarb crumble, take 2

To begin this blog post, I think I have to apologize. Once, for reposting a recipe that I posted last summer right around this time and again for changing the name of my weekly Friday food posts on here.  

I'll start by explaining the name change.  You see, I never really felt like Foodie Friday fit.  The word foodie implies that you actually know something about the topic, which I absolutely do not.  I am no gourmet, nor are any of the recipes here particularly mind-blowing or revolutionary.  Really, like most people, I just love to eat and to savor delicious flavors in my mouth.  You could seriously but a Twinkie in front of me and I would be so excited I would post about it.  

The new name is a little more accurate, seeing as the posts are on Friday and are about food.  But, let's not give ourselves a pair of big britches here--these posts are on everything from pancakes and grilled cheese to cupcakes and crumbles...there's nothing fancy or hoity-toity about it! 

Now, let's talk about this crumble...

I know, I know I have posted this recipe before.  But just look at that beautiful rhubarb and those gorgeous strawberries.  It's just impossible not to share these summer colors with you!  This crumble was as delicious the second time as the first and the pictures were even prettier this time around, so I thought why not share

It's summer in a pie plate, I tell you!  And how fitting for the first day of this beautiful season... 

Here's to hoping your weekend is full of summer goodness! 

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