Thursday, June 20, 2013

Grill time

Last weekend Peter and I drove to Coburg on Saturday afternoon to visit with his parents and have a barbecue, our first of the season.  The weather was gorgeous, warm and sunny with a slight breeze to keep most of the mosquitos away.  We grilled some pork and had Peter's mom's delicious potato salad and bread with lots of different dips.  And, of course, we washed it all down with German beer! 

It was a lovely and relaxing evening and was another example of why Germany is so great in the summertime.  With tomorrow being the first day of summer, I am thinking a lot about how to get the most out of summer this year.  It's slowly becoming my favorite season (used to be fall) and I am so excited for more barbecues, summer thunderstorms (we're having the greatest one right now), bike rides and trips to the lake this year.  I hope to eat a lot of fruit, enjoy every sweaty day and to generally just relish in the season! 


Anonymous said...

Beautiful stuff.

Anna M said...

Looks gorgeous! Summer has always been one of my favorite seasons, and the one time I went to Germany, it was summer. It was so pretty and so very GREEN over there. Enjoy the sunny days to come!