Monday, June 24, 2013

Snippets from the beginning of summer

Although this weekend wasn't exactly earth-shatteringly fantastic (I spent most of it on the couch nursing a pulled muscle in my neck), summer most definitely has me under her sweet, lazy spell.  So many juicy peaches and tart blueberries waiting to be eaten, such gorgeous peonies everywhere I turn, so many Germans taking in every last ounce of daylight!  And long days we do have--it's 10:10 here, cloudy and not yet completely dark.  Last week was hot and Germans take advantage of such days like it's nobody's business. I love it!

Top to bottom, left to right

1. Nuremberg after work on a seriously warm evening.  2. Peter and I started dating 5 years ago right around today while on El Camino de Santiago!   3.  View from the flea market    4.  Peonies coming home from the farmer's market.     5. My spiffed up dresser in the entryway.   6.  Paddle boats on Wöhrder See.   7.  I love the bright red poppies throughout Europe.    8.  New gold flatware and some summer strawberries.  9.  Summer toast with quark, peaches, blueberries and a touch of cinnamon sugar.  10.  A German park/biergarten on a warm summer (Tuesday) evening.   11.  A day so hot the morning was already blazing.  12.  Another quark toast with peaches!


Anonymous said...

I love all your beautiful photos !!


James said...

Thanks Viala!