Monday, June 10, 2013

Gray summer day

Yesterday was a stormy summer day, dark gray and muggy with heavy clouds.  Instead of curling up on the couch, I got in crazy productive mode.  Three hours later, I had this beautiful painted chest and a scrumptious pie coming out of the oven.  

The corner of my apartment behind the stairs and right next to the door had been driving me absolutely crazy.  It was a neglected space, one that I hadn't bothered to fix up since moving in.  I had a bland chest of drawers there that I picked up for free in Coburg when I was desperate for storage, which made the space colorless and unfinished.  

I got these beautiful brass knobs at Hobby Lobby while I was in California and they inspired me to finally fix up this piece.  So, I got out a sanding block and went to town. 

This was not an ideal piece to paint since the it isn't actually wood and I certainly didn't paint it according to the rules.  I used wall paint, which I had on hand and only did two coats on the sides that you can really see from the hallway....I am a horrible DIYer. 

Still, I think it looks so much better!  I am in love with how much more finished the corner looks and how the gray really adds and pops against the white wall.  

What do you think?   


Anna said...

You could never tell that it was a DIY piece! It looks phenomenal! I'd love to see more about how it is over in Germany as summer is quickly approaching. Keep posting!

James said...

Thanks so much, Anna!

I am taking some pictures this weekend and will post them soon. It's getting beautiful around here! Have a great weekend!