Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Affordable holiday gift guide!

I wanted to make a gift guide but then I thought, "What qualifications do I have?!"  I am not particularly stylish and I am not in the fashion industry.  I don't live in L.A. or know all the latest designers.  I certainly don't spend a lot of money on stuff.  There are a million other gift guides out there, as anyone who is a regular blog reader knows.  What would I have to offer? 

And then I realized there was one thing that I would do differently, one thing that most other blogs don't do: I would make the gift guide accessible and affordable.  Because, honestly, I have seen one too many gift guides with $75.00 candles on them.  And, really, who can afford that?  Who wants to?

So, I had a few criteria:  first,  all items had to be under $50 (or EUROS).  Second, the items had to be readily accessible via regular mall-type shops or online.  Third, they had to be something I would absolutely love to have myself or that I already use. 

So read on and get inspired!

Women USA

1.  Bath and Body Works Signature Collection Body Butter in Twilight Woods  $15.00 and Filled Candle in Warm Vanilla Sugar $19.50
These are my two absolute favorite scents!  I love the body creams and butters but also want to try the Warm Vanilla Sugar candle for cozy nights in.  (P.S. My boyfriend remarks on how good I smell everytime I wear either of these scents. 

2. H&M Mobile Phone Case in bright blue $3.95 (a great stocking stuffer).

3.  Old Navy Women's Chunky-Knit Cardigan $39.94.

4. Nordstrom Titanium 'Boyfriend' Watch $18.00

5. Okay, I lied.  This one may not be as easily available as I thought.  In the time it took me to make the collage and write the info in here, it left the website.  But it is a little bird box from West Elm.  Here are some adorable alternatives if you can't find it. 

6.  Avon  Expert Mega Palette $29.99.  This one is on back order but it's smaller, just-as-cool little sister is available for $19.99.

7. Two Barn Owls No. 2 - Archival Print from Etsy $20.  Oh boy, have I been lusting after this.  May buy it for myself when Christmas is over! I LOVE Etsy.  They have affordable gifts you can buy without giving all your money to corporate America.  Yay for cute things you can feel good about.  

8. Pretty Pansy Vase $18 and Rose of Sharon Grand Vase $28 both from Anthropologie.  I have been dying for the Pretty Pansy vase for like a year now.  But, then I saw the Rose of Sharon Vase.  I want them both desperately.  I couldn't choose my favorite so I put them both on here. 

9. Women's the Rockstar Jeggings from Old Navy $34.94.  I love red jeans right now.  These come in petite and tall! 

10. Blood Red Cable Knit Infinity Scarf from Anytime Scarf $39.00. 

11.  Women's Patterned Cardigan from Old Navy $20.00 (originally $36.94).  I know I went a little crazy on the Old Navy stuff, but this cardigan is too cute!  I love cardigans and think this would look especially great with wide-leg work pants and a brightly colored belt.  

12. Beaded 14K Gold Hoops $18.00 and Golden Feather French Barrette $16.00.  I have a special affinity for the jet black, olive and lipstick red colors.  

13. Obey Seaport Convertible Glove from $48.00.  These are by far the biggest splurge on my list, considering what you get for the price.  But, I love them and, because I live in the cold, it is usually worth it to splurge on gloves.  The great thing about convertible gloves is that they leave your hands free to do other things, like use an iPhone.  Here is another cute pair in case $48 seems way too steep.  


Kendall Marie said...

love it! and you are right, so many gift guides are not affordable! You posted a lot of great ideas!

John Alan said...

i remember you always being able to stick within the price limit and give the best gifts :)