Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Teacup candles

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Here's another great handmade gift idea for you.  I have made these candles several times (sometimes for gifts and sometimes for myself) and have always had success with them.  They are super easy to make and everyone who gets one loves it!

Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the candles I have made before to post for you, but I promise, mine turned out to be almost exactly the same.  The only challenge I had was to find teacups as cute as the ones in the picture.  But, once you find your teacups, making the candles is super easy.  All you need are wicks, wax and a double boiler.  These would make excellent hostess gifts or little gifts for a big group of friends.  They are very heartfelt and you can customize the cups to the decor of the people you give them to. 

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You can find cups at any flea market, second hand store, salvage store, or charity store.   (As much as I have always been a big huge fan of the Salvation Army, I am currently boycotting them a bit due to a disturbing and prejudiced policy of theirs that I recently saw online.)  There are also always teacups at garage sales and in grandma's attic. Finding a pretty one can often feel like finding treasure!

The candles are a Martha Stewart craft from her website.  She had a great Christmas gift page here if you are interested.   I think handmade gifts for Christmas are just SO special.  And this project realy is a crowd pleaser, 

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