Thursday, December 1, 2011

DIY stocking stuffer grocery tote

K is for Kelly, my beautiful sister.
Happy Thursday everyone!  Only one more day until you are free for the weekend.  I am excited already. 

As Christmas draws near, I hope to post a couple of easy projects that make for fun, creative, handmade gifts.  The first one is so simple, you could make a hundred of them in one evening if you wanted to.  It makes a really cute stocking stuffer or could be a cute gift bag.  Just tie the top with a festive ribbon and you have a gift bag that is also a gift!  And, as you know, we should all be taking our reusable bags to the grocery stores these days.  How pretty and fun would these be to whip out?!? 
I love peacocks!

You need: 
a computer with internet access (which you probably have if you are reading this ;-) 
a printer
an iron
high quality iron-on transfer paper (I suggest high quality paper because I had problems with my bags scorching!)
a canvas tote or a tea towel (I also suggest something durable, perhaps of cotton, because of above problem).

Everything ready to go.


1) Use the computer/internet to find an image you like.  My favorite website for free downloadable images is Graphics Fairy, which is so much fun.  Martha Stewart also has quite a few.  I chose this and this

2) Print it on the transfer paper in desired size according to directions that come with the paper.

3) Heat the iron and iron the image onto the bag or tea towel according to directions that come with the paper.

4) Let cool and enjoy.  Don't forget to make one for yourself.

This is so easy.  Especially since I found the great Graphics Fairy site, it is so much easier to create cute iron-on looks.  (Next I am looking to make a dachshund throw pillow!)

Now get crafting and enjoy!  

(P.S.  I love Martha's crafts.  Another one I am dying to try...ha ha get it?!)

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