Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Movin' on south

Nuremberg in winter, from Wikipedia.
Exciting news here today friends! I have been waiting for weeks to tell you all that in the middle of January (only 2.5 weeks away!) Peter and I will be moving to Nuremberg, Germany, about an hour away from our current home in northern Bavaria. 

The decision was made in the middle of October.  In the fall, I was going back and forth a lot about what I wanted for my future, where I wanted to live and what I wanted to do.  I thought about moving back to the States and about all my options here.  Then, one day, it hit me like a lightening bolt that my best choice would be to stay here a little longer and move to Nuremberg, where Peter works. 
Nuremberg in late summer/early autumn, from
As of now, he is only home about 4 days a week and has an hour and a half commute on the days he does have to go to work in Nuremberg.  (He works on the opposite side of Nuremberg and has to go through the city traffic to get to work.)  It has exhausted him and me and we are really looking forward to seeing each other every evening and to being in the big city.  Plus, there are so many more opportunities for me as a foreigner there.  We can't wait. 

Now maybe all of my ooey-gooey love posts of late make a little more sense.  Also, perhaps my devotion to Christmas there year seems a little more clear: because I wasn't here for Christmas last year, this was our first and our last Christmas together in this first apartment of ours.  It has been so bittersweet.

I love this place.  I really, really love everything about my apartment (aside from the fact that I cannot stand up while taking a shower).  It is making me so sad to have to say goodbye to it.  But, I am also super excited about our beautiful new place.  Here is some information about it:

- It's on the top floor
- It's got two floors: a bathroom, office, kitchen and living room on the first floor and a bedroom on the second
-It has walk-in closets! 
-It also has a dishwasher
-It's within a 10-15 minute walk of the old town and just a few bus stops away.
-It's near the river!

And some pictures (the people before us really did NOT have a sense of style, so you have to imagine it empty and with my stuff in it ;-)

New bathroom (with a shower where you can stand).

What we will use as a living room, with slanted ceilings, too, of course!

Kitchen with a breakfast bar.  It's a little modern for my taste, but I will make it cute.  And look at all that storage!

What we will use as a bedroom.  With slanted ceilings and built in cabinets along the entire length of the right wall.  

I am going to share all the work, ideas, progress and problems along the way!  I hope you will join me (and give me advice)! 


Kendall Marie said...

thats awesome! Congrats! I cant wait to see pictures of your new place when you settle in and make it your own!
Also, I am liking the new look of your blog!!

Anonymous said...

That is so exciting! It sounds really lovely. And now you get to be close to Peter! :)

What kind of work are you looking for there?