Tuesday, December 20, 2011

New traditions

It may sound like an oxymoron, but "new traditions" are real, my friends.  They are traditions that you have recently created but think of as traditions and intend to repeat year after year until the day you die (or at least for a while).  Over the course of the week, I am going to share a few of ours with you.

The first--and my favorite--is a tradition I started last year and fully intend to repeat as long as I possibly can (forever?!).  Every year, I collect a bunch of little things that I think Peter will like (or that I already know he likes) and fill his stocking.  Last year, he was really into spelt and pretzels so I gave him a bag of spelt pretzels.  I got him his favorite deo spray, his favorite face wash and face cream (yes, my boyfriend wears face cream) and some candy.  And, in Germany, you can't forget your Glücksschwein, or good-luck pig.

This year...well, I can't tell you what I am getting him this year, because he reads this blog (sometimes, when I ask him to).   But it will be good and it will be a great continuation of the tradition!

I love this, maybe because my mom always made a big deal out of our stockings.  It was always one of my favorite parts of Christmas.  Stocking aren't a huge thing here, so it feels like bringing one of my traditions to our German Christmas.  And, it reminds me of home.  

 The pictures here are Christmas greeting cards from our town.  Aren't they adorable? 

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