Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Gray walls?

What do you think about them?  I have been thinking about painting the walls of my new apartment you have any advice?  I have seen cozy rooms with gray walls and rooms that look as depressing as the German sky in January.  Has anyone done it?  Which shade of gray?  I would love to hear from you!  These are a few of my inspiration pics:

From Pinterest.
Love the gold and grey. From The Decorista
Carrie's bedroom from Sex and the City.  I wrote about it here

Gray walls and a rattan chair.  Not really sure where I got this picture as it was long, long ago, but possibly Heart Home Magazine

Possibly one of the most adorable bedrooms I have ever seen and one that I think the BF would be okay with...not too girly at all! Love the striped duvet.  From Deisgn Sponge.


Anonymous said...

I love the grey walls! Maybe when it has a slight blue edge to it, the colors can play more with the colors you'd put into the decor, and create more coziness and warmth. :)

Jessica said...

Just painted one wall of my living room in Vienna gray! I love it. We have a lovely bookcase up against the wall, plus other colorful decor and it is really, really nice.