Friday, December 16, 2011

Giving to the men

So, it is finally here: the men's gift guide.  Now you have about 48 hours to get all your online shopping done for delivery by Christmas. 

Like the other gift guides, all items on this guide are under 50 Dollars or Euros.  (I know that the two are not equal, but I personally spend the same amount on people in Euros as I would in Dollars even though they are worth more.  I think the general idea of the price limit is more important to me than the numbers themselves.)  The list is split in half this time, with gifts from the US on the right hand side and gifts from Europe on the left.  Most of them are from international stores or brands and can be found in both places.  So, have no fear if something you love seems to only be from the opposite side of the pond; it's probably available in both places if you choose the correct online store.

All of these choices are either boyfriend approved or recommended. Enjoy!


1. My favorite notebooks.  Perfect for the writer in your life. 
2.Three great bracelets from Urban Outfitters. (This first one is from a guitar strap!)
3. A personalized calendar.  Great for dad. (They are even cheaper--but less pretty--here.)
4. PJs!
5.Man music. This one is not my favorite, but it's approved by my boyfriend and my best friend.  Good for a rap/R&B lover.
6. Mortar and pestle, great for a hobby cook and guacamole lover!
7. Cozy sweater with elbow patches.

Men Europe

1. Nice cable knit sweater
2.  The best smelling cologne ever. (This amazon link says it is 52 Euros, but that must be for a massive bottle.  I have bought it several times for under 50 Euros in drogeries and department stores)
3. A cuddly scarf.
4. For the animal lover, a matching collar and leash with a manly look.
5. A sandwich maker.  Trust me he (and you) will LOVE it! 
6. Apparently a really great whiskey for whiskey lovers.  (Peter has a bit of a whiskey obsession at the moment.)  Drink with 4 ice cubes, according to Peter.
7. And, of course, the Steve Jobs biography in English

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