Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gemütlichkeit is: in the details

On the coffee table: my favorite flower in my current favorite color; 3 pearl-pink votives; an amazing box of matches from a family friend that I just can't stop looking at.  Très chic.
This week, it is the little things that are inspiring me, the details that make my house a home.  These are the small things that personalize my space and represent who I am and what I like.  Mostly, they are pretty or interesting, meant to get me thinking and creating.  Sometimes, they are simply functional. And other times, they are both.

I don't like things too cluttered, but I don't like them too sleek or clean either.  I like to know that someone lives in a space and see what makes them who they are.  And often, it is the small things that give you the best impression of what makes someone tick.

Here are mine.

Details of my dresser: pretty necklaces and little jewelry holders; perfume, lotion and nail polish; a picture of my friends and I on graduation day; a paper lantern; my favorite flower, a ranunculus.

The bedside table: things I am reading or have read; a floral-scented candle; a homemade paper flower; a picture to give me sweet dreams.  

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