Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Fuchsia Lipstick

It seems like everyone is wearing fuchsia lips these days (see here here and here for proof).  It looks great and so springy on them, but I definitely did NOT think I could pull it off. it is... it only took me going back to the drugstore 8 times before I actually bought it.

I've got to say, I kinda like it.  I'm no super-hot, super-trendy runway model (5 foot 1 frame, to mention only one of many things, kind of killed that) but it definitely doesn't look bad.  And, I'm really liking it with the striped shirt. Looks classic but with a twist.

Do you wear pink lipstick?  Lipstick at all?

(Random trivia? Fuchsia actually comes from the German word and is named after the plant, which is named after the German botanist.  It's pronounced "fook-sya" in German (in which case the spelling f-u-c-h totally makes sense) but "fyusha"in English.  That's why it's so often misspelled as f-u-s-c-h-i-a. Hum..good to know. I totally had to look it up before I wrote this post...

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