Monday, May 7, 2012

Monday inspiration

Image from 5ftnif on Ink361 (a web interface for Instigram). 
Happy Monday, everyone!  How was your weekend?  Sorry about the general lack of posts last week.  It was kind of a busy one, but mostly, I just needed a little break from posting.  The weather was fantastic and a great deal of time was spent outside.  I was inspired--in many beautiful ways--but not to work on the blog.  I am hoping that a lot of good eventually comes from that inspiration, making a week of absent posts totally worth it.  I had a couple of realizations the last few days that will hopefully give me a chance to improve myself and improve my life.  What I need now is to just hold myself to them.  

In the meantime, I have been checking out a few things on the web and have found a lot of excellent bits of inspiration.  Right now, with the warming weather, the sun and the birdies that chip loudly early in the morning, I am being drawn to all things bright and airy and to the more rustic. 

Vintage/shabby chic bedroom that looks like a nice place to wake up on a summer morning. (Image from Petitevanou.)

I am totally in love with this bathroom.  I would LOVE to shower here every morning; it would give you such a burst of energy.  I also love the clever way the mirror and plant are hung over the shower head. (Image from Desire to Inspire by Prue Ruscoe)
A lovely kitchen with great vintage pieces and some summer fruits on the table.  (Image from Desire to Inspire by Prue Ruscoe)
Beautiful spring flowers.  How happy I am that it is spring again! (Image from Mr. Darcy is my hero)

Inspiration for a good day: coffee, flowers, fruit and paintbrushes.   I want to get back into art and especially want to start taking pottery classes again (I took them a few years ago).  This gives me the push I need.  I love all these inspirational photographs from 5ftnif on Ink361 (a web interface for Instigram). Check them all out!
And another one from 5ftnif on Ink361
A beautiful workspace from DustJacket
I've been oohing and ahhing over this tiny studio in S.F. for weeks now.  Isn't it gorgeous? (Image from Apartment Therapy.) 

When I am in need of a little inspiration I always turn to the website Inspired by Tamar.  She always has the most beautiful collection of images.  You can also check out my Pinterest boards to see what is inspiring me daily, from decor to food and fashion.

I wish you a beautiful Monday, a lot of inspiration and a great week!  

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