Thursday, May 10, 2012

Small changes, big difference (PART 2)

Do you remember this post about a month ago?  Well, here comes part two!  Today I have 5 more changes/improvements you can make for little to no cost.  These ideas come from House Beautiful magazine (Feb 2008) and are excellent for making a large impact on a small budget.

(Image from Lona de Anna)
1.  In spring, summer and early fall, stack wood in your fireplace.  (I've also seen people do this with books for a cool look!)

(Image from Better Homes and Gardens)
2.  Buy a large piece of artwork: a map, a poster or a print.  Cut it into equal parts, frame the sections separately and hang them together on the wall.

(Image from The Newlywed Diaries)
3.  Buy an inexpensive supermarket bouquet and pull it apart.  Put all the similar flowers in different vases for the look of a fancy bouquet in each room.

(Image from
4. Don't buy a matched set of towels.  Instead, buy them in shades of one color for an ombre effect (Home Goods and Marshalls/Ross/TJ Maxx are good places for inexpensive but nice towels in the States).

(Image from No Place Like Home)
5. Buy a "collection" on eBay.  For example, buy a set of three white pitchers for $1-$8 and display them in your kitchen.

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