Thursday, May 31, 2012

Small changes, big difference (PART 3)

Continuing the series that I started in April, today I have 5 more small changes you can make in your home that have a big impact.  These ideas come from the article "101 Decorating Makeovers" from the February 2008 issue of House Beautiful.  (Also see part 1 and part 2!)

Look at the pretty blue background! (Image from Frog Hill Designs.) 
1) Paint just the inside of cabinets in your house (either in your kitchen or anywhere else you would like) in a color that sets off your dishes, books or collections.  You can also paint the inside of a bookshelf or hutch.  In that case, make it a bright color! 

Show off your pretty jewelry! (Image from Apartment Therapy. ) 
2) Get rid of your jewelry box.  Your beautiful baubles can and should be displayed.  They can add color and an eclectic, lived in feel to a room.  Put your bracelets in a big bowl, earrings in a pretty thrifted dish and hang your necklaces on a bust, a mirror, necklace stand or on hooks on your wall.

Get rid of your junk; have a (fancy) garage sale! (Image from Thrift Core. ) 
3) If you are like me, you probably collect way too much stuff!  Take three things out of every room.  Take a deep breath; doesn't that feel better?  (Sell it at a garage sale.  Or, better yet, organize a fun, well-curated better-than-a-yard-sale with your friends.  Find a common theme and sell only things that fit that theme.  Provide theme-appropriate refreshments.  Have a lot of vintage stuff?  Do it in the evening, dress in Mad Men costumes and sell martinis!)

Utilize the fronts of your bookcases! (Image from Little Green Notebook.) 
4) Use your bookcases creatively: hang small pictures or mirrors on the front of them!

What a difference a rug can make! (Image from  Livet Hemma.)

5) Remove your rugs from all rooms.  Pile them together and start all over, putting them all in a new room.  You'll have instant room makeovers.  

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