Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Just because he isn't adorable enough, Justin Timberlake got together with a designer friend of his to launch a line of home products called HomeMint.  (Yes, he decorates, too.)
Now, I used to be a really huge Backstreet Boys fan and was soooooo not interested in Justin Timberlake.   But, while Nick has been busy getting drunk and doing drugs, Justin has continued his musical career, opened restaurants, created a brand of tequila, designed a clothing line, endorsed a billion products, developed and eco-friendly golf course (seriously) and started a line of home products.   If that's not kind of amazing, I don't know what is.  (I love a man in touch with his eco-sensitive side.)

One of my favorite home blogs Decor8 covered the launch of the line the other day and posted a little interview.  You should read it.  Also, watch the video above.  The house they're in is cool.  Justin is cooler.  

From the pictures I have seen, the line looks pretty cool.  It's a whole big membership to-do, but it's worth checking out for a few minutes.  Ah, to be Jessica Biel!

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