Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Gemütlichkeit is: morning moments

Remember that guy from Friends?  The "Morning's Here" guy?  He gets up every morning and sings about how happy he is that the morning has come?  It drives Rachel nuts.  But me?  I always wanted to be that guy.  (I am more in line with Joey, who prefers to sing along with him.)

Now, I am not particularly a morning person.  I rarely wake up early on my own and most mornings when my alarm goes off, I realize that I am saying "no, no, no" in my sleep before I have even had a chance to wake up and turn it off.  But, once I am up, the morning is my favorite time of the day.  Everything is fresh, there are tons of new possibilities.  The birds are chirping and the air is cool.  Plus, it's quiet, really quiet.  

I like to take it slow in the morning, have breakfast, sip my coffee and give myself a mellow start to the day.   The first few minutes of the day can set the tone of the entire thing, so I make sure to surround myself with views, images and things that inspire me and to take my time. Even on mornings when I have to leave for work at 6:30 I make sure to give myself at least 5 minutes to breathe in the newness of the day.

Morning, as the say they say about breakfast, is the most important time of the day.  You wouldn't start your day off by eating a KitKat, so you shouldn't start it off in a hurried and stressed way, either.  Better to savor that cup of coffee, put it in a pretty cup and drink it where the view is fine.


rachelsdigestif said...

I couldn't agree more :)

Kendall Monroe said...

i love slow leisurely mornings, sitting in our house, sipping coffe, taking my time. its my favorite time of the day