Monday, April 18, 2011 sucked into blog world today.  I just hate when that happens but I love when you can find some super inspiration from it (which I did).  Plus, it means I have a lot to write about here tonight, although I should be doing some real work instead.

There are some amazing people doing amazing things on the internet and using blogs.  I wish I had the talent and the opportunity to do what they do.  But, since I don't, I will just create a post telling you how great they are and asking you to please check out their blogs. 

The first thing I suggest is checking out Dean Fisher's blog My Little Apartment. (Have I mentioned it here before? Sorry if I have!)  It's fully of great ideas, inspiration and cool pics of her own apartment.  What I love the most, though, is that she looks for free or cheap stuff on and posts it for her readers.  Then she gives you an idea on how you could repair/renew it. She finds adorable things with great offers and I wish I lived in the States and could take advantage of some of these cool offers!
I love her antlers in the kitchen and am currently hoping to get my own pair.  And, she blogged this picture recently that got my creative juices flowing.  I think it's originally from Design*Sponge and I love the great color and the poppy picture. 


Today I also found  It is an awesome site by Elle with huge galleries of images that you can refine by choosing room type and/or style.  Of course, it is not always thrifty, but what I love it for are the how-to guides.  Nothing bugs me more than artwork hung too high and here is a great guide at getting it right:  Also, there is a page with great tips on going to the flea market:

A little inspiration for you ^! 


Then I found Miss Moss, a blog written by a South African woman named Diana Moss.  She has great decor/lifestyle stuff and a lot of great advice and music playlists.  Please check out her pics of an apartment she stayed at while visiting Paris:  It is adorable and gives me some inspiration for my own European flat.  Also, she posted this picture (from Chih Chen's photostream on flickr) that made me want to desperately have--no not a cat--a chair like this!  (What are they called? It's rare for me not to know the name of a chair, but I admit I have no idea...can anyone help?)  I think it would be a great modern touch to my otherwise country/whimsical stuff. 


Check out this interesting idea for a cheap centerpiece from Elle Deco España:  

I am not sure it's totally my style but it is definitely fun and if I had such great wine glasses, I would do it without hesitation.  


And last but least of my inspiration this evening comes from the beloved Carrie Bradshaw.  Now, I am not really a Sex and the City fan, except that I love Carrie's apartment.  And, I guess that is kind of a lie because I found myself desperately wishing the show was on tonight as I started writing this post.  I had never watched it before my boyfriend and I got Sky cable tv here in Germany and now it is on quite often and is about the only thing I can watch in English.  I guess I can no longer say I am not a fan...  

Anyway, Carrie's apartment is cool and is a great mix of vintage and modern, more soft and lived in with a cool-girl feel.  I love the framed images stacked on the table by the front door (I have seen that everywhere lately and it definitely something I am doing as soon as I have a table in my hallway and a bit more money).  
I love the pass-through closet (although, I could never do it...I am a closet mess).  And I especially love the grey-blue color.  

I love the old leather chair in the living room and her writing desk by the window.  

And...then we come to the bedroom.  The bench at the end of her bed is great and I wish I could find one.  I bet there are plenty of those things floating around out there at Goodwills.  You should look for one and put it at the foot of the bed.  I love things at the foot of the bed.   I am also loving the asymmetry of the bedroom.  I like the casual feel of asymmetry these days.  But mostly what I have been inspired by lately, which you cannot see in this photo, is the bookcase that is the headboard of her bed.  I LOVE this idea.  I LOATHE 1980s and 90s bookshelf build into a headboard built into a side table things.  But, I think the idea of actually using a real bookcase as your headboard is quite perfect.  There's tons of storage and it has a no-fuss, no-frills vibe that I am liking more and more these days (but without leaving the wall behind your bed looking naked).  


Okay, I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration yourself.  I got to get to bed now!  Work early a.m.  But cheers and here's til the weekend (a 4 day-er thanks to Easter).  See you then!

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Kaitlin said...

I love this blog Jamie! I am also in love with Carrie's unrealistic apartment (writer's salary/rent controlled my ass) Of course the closet is my fav :)