Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Abandoned Crap

I am all for it.  I LOVE abandoned crap, especially if it is about to be thrown away.  If it is sitting sadly in or near a dumpster, it's my new favorite friend.  I have no qualms about picking up old furniture off the side of the road.  In fact, I think it's awesome (and kind) and not at all disgusting. 

Okay, yes, you should probably know which house it is coming from (let the chair go to chair heaven if it is sitting at the curb of the crack den around the corner) and, no, you should probably not pick up any mattresses or anything that has been left outside in the rain or over night.  But, over all, I think picking furniture up off the side of the road is totally cool and totally safe.  To prove it to you, I am going to show you picture of all the wonderful things I have gotten off the side of the road over the years. 

Please do it.  You won't be sorry.  And, you will be helping that piece of furniture fulfill its destiny.  (Oh what that chair wouldn't give to be your favorite cozy reading spot!) 


Germany-  This little dresser thing came off the street in front of our apartment.  I think it looks a little cheap so I really want to paint it.  I am thinking a navy blue color...what do you guys think?  Of course, when I do it, I will share it with everyone. 
 Germany- so once a year they have this thing here were people put out anything old they don't want and the city comes to collect it.  I got this by driving around before the city collectors and asking if I could have it.  I love the pattern and it is one of my unique pieces.  It came in a set with another chair and a sofa.  I wanted them all but this was all that (barely) fit in my boyfriends tiny European car. 
California--I got this desk off my street in my tiny town in California.  It was my neighbors and they said we could have it for free.  It was stained wood so I painted it white.  It was my desk all through college.  Unfortunately I no longer have it. 

California--The coolest leather club chair EVER.  IT was so sexy.  It had holes in the seats so I covered them with fabric.  I found it in the dumpster next to my apartment and lugged it, alone, up a whole flight of stairs.  Unfortunately I can't find a picture of it anywhere.  So sorry. I will keep looking for a picture, though. 

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Linda A said...

I love old and abandoned stuff, too. I guess you are a CHIP off of the old block. Pun intended. Love, Mom