Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Spring has sprung and I have a butterfly project for you!

It's mid-April (okay, let's face it, it's pretty much the end of April) and we finally have leaves or buds on almost all the trees.  In celebration of this wonderful season (and by far the best season in Germany if you are lucky with the weather) here is a little happy, colorful project I did recently. 

It's a low-res iPhone image, sorry.  But here is the finished product.

I bought the images of the butterflies online from  These are wonderful graphic designs which you can buy in sets.  They cost $3 for one sheet, which has between 10 and 20 different images from one theme.  These butterflies are from the Butterflies on Blossoms sheet:  (I also bought the Loteria Cards part 6, Maps and Botanicals and Skeletons...for my darker side!) I figured they were worth it because of all the crazy project-ing I would get out of them. 

I printed my beautiful butterfly pictures in black and white because I don't have a colored printer and I was in too much of a creative rush to go to the printers and get them printed properly.  I then colored my butterflies in with colored pencils and I actually kind of like the hand-drawn look they have.  The subsequent times I tried this project I had the butterflies properly printed. 

The mini size.  Sorry it's a little blurry.  You can see that the butterfly is printed in this one! 
The border is brown packing paper and the background is my coffee-stained paper printed with many Greek letters in 12 pt font (they are random and meaning here).  Then I measured everything to make sure the butterflies were in the middle and glued them down.  You should use nice photo or non-acid scrap-booking glue to help your project last longer.  I  don't have a frame yet, but I want to put the butterflies in a vintage, worn-in wood frame maybe in black, navy blue or white.  I also have this image of it in a frame just a little too big so that you have a clear glass border showing the wall through, but I don't know.

Anyway have a happy spring day! 


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