Sunday, April 10, 2011

Biergärten und Blumen

Frühling ist wieder da.  And all of the allergies that come with it.  Luckily, I am not one of those people who let that stop my springtime fun.  Often I practically scratch my face off while I am enjoying the weather, but it is so worth it.  Spring in Germany is unparalleled.  Coming from California (which is, in my opinion, at its best in spring), I had no idea what a real spring looked like.  In Germany, spring is like a beautiful painting, what I imagine heaven is like (gagging at my own cliches).

California is green in the springtime; Germany is full of amazing colors and sights.  The grass is covered in miniature flowers in white, yellow and purple.  The trees bloom in all colors, shades of lime green that I have never seen before in nature, white, pink, and yellow.  The tulips, daffodils and ranunculus thrive in the sunshine and bring life to the flowerbeds.  On top of all the visual beauty, there is a nice, cheery constant song coming from the tops of the trees.  The birds are happy too. :-)

As the sun is setting it casts a warm glow over the magnificent force it is bringing to life.  Everything looks dreamy and sweet.  It's enough to make anyone happy.  And I feel so lucky to be able to experience it.  I think sometimes we forget about the small, important things in life...the things that make it worth it.  Spring in Germany (or simply even the beauty of one crisp, cool morning or one bird's chirping) is what life is about.  We shouldn't take these things for granted.  It's my goal to enjoy every minute of this spring.  And I suggest that you take many moments this spring to enjoy the simple beauty all around you wherever you are.

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