Wednesday, April 13, 2011


It sounds fancy and expensive.  But it is just my mother's pronunciation of Target--you know the big box with the glowing red bulls eye hanging above the entrance?  That place you go to buy Windex, cat food and tampons?  While it may seem mundane to you, for my mom and I it is a treasure trove and worthy of such a French sounding name.  You can find just about anything there and, I promise, you CAN find cute house stuff...if you look hard enough, often enough.

I have an adorable white lamp (also waiting for me at home in California) that came from Target.  It was from the Shabby Chic collection, when that was the big thing.  I have since moved on from that style a bit, but the lamp is classic and I will use it forever.  It's curvy, cute and glass with what looks like white paint running around the inside.  I have plenty of their little accessories and some bedding.  Not to mention many, many kitchen goodies.  And, while this isn't necessarily cute, I have the best thing ever made by Target: a cheaper version of a memory foam bed topper! 

I know there are a lot of Target naysayers out there and pretty much all I have to say about that is don't be so snobby.  I have my moments where I feel like culture is dying and we are all wearing and buying the exact same crap; but then I find a pair of earrings, a purse, or an adorable lamp that I use 600 times before I wear it out and I put away all my Berkeley-bread prejudices and embrace what I know to be true: Target is the Thrifty Girl's Mecca.    So have no shame and flaunt your thrifty finds! 

Check out the current Blue & White collection.  They have some cute vases (please take out the lame looking silk flowers and see my previous post) and lamps.  They also HAD something called "Branch Side Table" which was the cutest, most whimsical side table I had ever seen but it is gone.  It was round, made out of natural (not stained looking) wood and had bendy legs that looked like the branches of a tree.  It is still listed as an item under the Blue & White collection but, oddly, the picture has changed.  It now looks like a sleek modern side table.  I don't know what happened.  Anyway check out the:

Accent Lamp Shade - Sour Cream

Porcelain Striped Vase - Blue/White

Accent Lamp Base - Epic Blue

Hammered Metal Vase - Small   

Also check out some of the non- Blue & White collection stuff.  For example the Ginger Quilt could look cute folded at the end of the neutral bed or when under a more neutral, solid duvet.   I also think the scarlet quilt (or maybe just the shams) has some charm.  And I love the Dwell for Target "Bird in Vine" bedding collection (have you caught on to my bird obsession yet?).  I think it would look great with a brighter colored duvet.  Maybe a bright, leaning-towards-neon yellow or olive or citrus green?

So, get to Target, because I can't.  And think of me while you're there (don't forget the blue raspberry Icee)!


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