Sunday, April 24, 2011

Buttercream frosting and Easter

I should never have learned to make buttercream frosting.  In the two weeks since I first attempted Martha Stewart's Billy's Buttercream recipe, I have made it 3 times and have gone through 6 sticks of butter and 8 (small German) boxes of powdered sugar.  My god is this stuff addictive and so easy to make (which only enables my addiction)! 

Buttercream frosting on my annual Easter lamb cake.  Covered with coconut!
It came back to bite me in the bum today, though.  After letting my buttercream frosting sit out at room temperature for one day too long and then scarfing down a whole piece of cake I got a major stomach ache!  I have been nursing it all day now.  I guess I am being punished for my overindulgence.  From now on I only make buttercream frosting for special occasions (and Friday night does not count...nor does Saturday morning) and I am keeping it in the fridge! 

Check out the recipes here!
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