Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cute Stuff

Although the majority of this blog is about decorating/living with little to no money, I just have to write about this adorable company I found.  They are a little expensive, but some of the smaller things are quite reasonable. 

And I can give you a money saving tip related to this web site.  Sometimes I find things I absolutely love (and absolutely have to have) and, when this happens, I find no shame in getting them.  If I love it and I will cherish it forever, I buy it.  But here is the thing, I can usually only buy one.  This is great if the thing I love is a lamp or a picture frame but not so great if it is a tea cup or a plate...or is it? 

If you find something you love, get it...even if you can only get one.  You may end up with a slightly matching totally cool mishmash of stuff or you might end up with one random, but adorable cup that makes you happy every time you use it.  I think both things are awesome.  I bought this cup today.  I have nothing else even a tiny bit like it, but it makes me feel sweet and dainty and happy.  And that is enough.  Plus, you can always find cool ways to display single items.  In this case, I could someday use this as a pencil cup or a coin collector on a book shelf.  But for now, I am more than happy to primly sip my tea from it. 

Enjoy this site...especially the Early Bird Wallpaper (in gray or yellow)!  Its expensive, but if I could I would wallpaper my whole house in this stuff.  Do you think that would be going overboard?

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