Monday, April 18, 2011

We could make that!

Now is a good time to tell you about my best friend.  She's one of the lights of my life and someone who just gets me, even when I am a huge dork.  Our moms our best friends, too, and share a love of all things decorating.  So, I guess we both kind of grew up with it.  When we had our ritual Saturday night sleep overs as kids and teens, we would always cuddle up on the couch with one of our moms, eat Popsicles and watch HGTV.

You may be thinking, "Wow, that's great and I am really happy for you.  But, what does this have to do with decorating on a budget?"  Well, my friends it has everything to do with decorating on a budget because it was those Saturday evenings sitting on the couch that not only inspired this blog, but also inspired the whole range of projects I have done and the creativity I have nursed over the years.  As we sat there with Popsicle juice running down our fingers, our favorite thing to say was "We could make that."  It didn't matter how hideous it was or how complicated.  There wasn't a project that the Design Time Saturday Night hosts took on that we didn't think we could replicate or try to replicate.  And between myself, Danu, her mom and my mom we weren't really dreaming.   We really could make that. (Usually it was more a matter of if we really wanted to.  Design Time Saturday Night wasn't exactly up-to-date...or tasteful, actually.)

And over the years, the words just stuck.   To this day, they are still my motto.  I have tried my hand at a lot.  And I still think I can make just about anything I see that would be too expensive to buy.  I still need to try my hand at woodworking and I use a lot of shortcuts (you gotta love glue guns, Velcro and staple guns) but, in the end I can usually do it or find someone who can to help me for free.  I suggest you take on that motto, too.  And when you can't do, recruit someone who owes you a favor and can.   

I love that Danu gets me in this way.  I love that we have the same passion for design and the same creative minds.  I love that I can trust her to give me honest feedback and to help me when something just doesn't look right.  But, most of all, I just love her.

Matt Fox and Shari Hiller of HGTVS Room by Room, a show Danu and I used to watch far too much.  

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Dani said...

This is the sweetest thing I have ever read! All of those fun memories came flooding back! I love you!!!