Sunday, April 10, 2011

Fresh flowers

It's the season for flowers!  They're everywhere and they're beautiful, so colorful and fresh.  No matter what you like (I am quite a fan of tulips, ranunculus, and pansies this spring) they can lend a whole lot of color and life to an otherwise drab room. 

Now I realize that buying fresh cut flowers is not exactly a "thrifty" habit.  But, there are some things I am willing to spend a little money on--fresh cut flowers, good food, skin care products--in order to brighten up my life.  Anything that makes you happy to look at (or eat) is generally worth it.  And this time of year, I believe that flowers are worth it.  They always make me smile and they always make my rooms feel complete. 

The yellow ranunculus on my dining room table add a little extra color and sunshine to my decor.  The spring home desperately needs fresh flowers.  And when spending a few bucks on fresh flowers is impossible, I suggest you go picking.  I am not suggesting stealing flowers from your neighbors' yards.  But, I do think that there are some excellent (and somewhat fair) sources of flowers out there.  If you life near any sort of wild area, you are bound to find beautiful wild flowers.  I think wild flowers look even better in the home than cultivated flowers do.  Parks are also excellent sources of flowers.  Anything in a flowerbed IS NOT fair game; but anything that is supposed to look wild, in my book, is okay to pick.  Additionally, flowers can often be found in or around parking lots and along the side of the street.  In my opinion, you can pick these and they probably won't be missed.

Either way,  this spring you need to have fresh flowers in that small, large, or tiny place you call home.  I promise they will leave you smiling.  


Dani said...

Do you remember when we picked flowers in the neighborhood and then sold them (relatively unsuccessfully) to neighbors?

James said...

I don't remember exactly, but that totally sounds like us.