Monday, February 6, 2012

Cold weekend with a cold

Happy Monday, everyone!  I hope you had an excellent weekend and I hope it was just a bit warmer than ours was--30 degrees warmer to be exact.  We had temperatures that bottomed out at around -20 degrees Celsius and 0 degrees Fahrenheit.  Not unsurprisingly, I also came down with a little cold.  With Peter away and rubbing noses with big shots at work this weekend (and freezing his butt off) I was left alone to enjoy some down time and try and nip this cold in the bud...or so I thought.

My recipe?

My favorite salad with whole wheat pasta and four cheese sauce.  I love four cheese sauce despite it's evil intentions for my waist.
First, go to the grocery store and pick out a lot of really fancy and fun things, including bottles of fun juices  and sparkling waters (you need a lot of hydration when you have a cold).  Then, drop and break one of said bottles in the middle of the supermarket and stand there like a fool, screaming out "Vorsicht! Gefährlich!" while waiting for someone to come clean it up.

Next, go home and make yourself the most delicious dinner you can imagine.  Try and forget about earlier humiliation.

My manicure, done in honor of Valentine's Day.  Essie's Eternal Optimist with Make It Golden by Essence on top.  
Okay, now that you are well fed, give yourself a manicure so that you are both full and have pretty nails.  Oop, better do a pedicure, too.  After all, you don't pass the salt without the pepper, do you?  (That's something I learned from my Grandma!)

Please excuse the hideousness of my feet, which look more like a baby's than a grow woman's.  Pedicure, also in honor of Valentine's Day, with Berry by American Apparel and Make It Golden by Essence on top.
Since your nails are now beautiful (and maybe festive for V-Day) it's about time to truly indulge.  Run yourself a hot bath, pour your self a glass of the fancy juice that you broke in the supermarket--you paid for two but only got to take one home so you'd better enjoy it--and light some candles.  Sit in bathtub until you look like your great-grandma Esther.

Got this lovely gadget from Peter for Christmas.  This was my first time using it and I have to say it might be the best invention.  By far the best bath I've ever had. 
And just to top it all off, because you really haven't pampered (or embarrassed) yourself enough today, settle in to watch a cheesy girl movie in bed.  Make sure it is complete with lots of blankets, tea for colds, cough drops, grape juice and ice cream.  All cozy and super relaxed and thinking this might be the best "you night" ever?  Good.  Now, drop the grape juice, break the glass and spill it all over your floors, your bed and even your freshly painted walls.

Before disaster struck.  
 There you have it.  The recipe for a perfect evening to yourself.

Enjoy your Monday, take care of yourself and try to be a little less klutzy than I am. :-)

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Dana said...

Besides the spillage and cold, this sounds like a truly wonderful day :)