Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Pretty in pink

I saw this home today on the blog Miss Moss website and I just had to share it! It is so comfortable, cozy and, let's face it, pink!  Pink is a really great color for interiors because of its warmth and ability to make everything a all glowy. Even if you are not the kind of girl who sits at her dressing table, bouncing her freshly painted toenails and powdering her nose, pink bring instant charm and comfort to your home...even if you live with your husband or boyfriend.  Try pink light bulbs to start.

I love the added warmth a dog brings to your home!
I love this idea! Wallpapering your entry hall, or even just the closet in your entry hall and removing the doors,  can make a big impact without being too big a commitment.  (I think if I didn't rent, I would spend all my time wallpapering things!)  This would also work on the inside of a bookshelf, armoire or wardrobe.

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