Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday afternoon at the zoo!

One of the beautiful--and often frustrating--things about Peter's and my jobs is that we have unpredictable hours.  Sometimes, we are home in the middle of the day on a Tuesday and then we are working on Saturday or Sunday.  Sometimes our schedules are completely opposite and other times they are perfectly in sync.  In the end, we are generally either happy to be home on a workday or complaining about having to work on the weekends. 

Today was one of those Tuesday when we both found ourselves home during the day.  It didn't take long for us to come up with a good idea about how to pass the time: the zoo!  We are both big animal lovers and nothing puts a smile on our faces like furry friends.  Plus, it was a perfectly sunny day!  It couldn't have been better.  


The most adorable, playful polar bears we've ever seen.  This one kept throwing this box up onto the rocks and then throwing it back into the water and jumping in after it.  He also put it on his head and threw it up in the air.  So cute!  Video to come later in the week!
This polar bear was pretty happy that it was cold and sunny.

This one had a tire to play with.  He was fascinated by the fact that it was bouncy and would put his weight on it like this so that it would bounce back up.

Fritz, the silver back and the MAN.

Fritz is it!

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