Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

As a kid, my dad made a big deal out of Valentine's Day.  He once had flowers delivered to all his girls (my sister, my mom and me) at the special restaurant he took us to for V-Day.  We almost always got stuffed animals and we definitely always went out to dinner.  Most importantly--and maybe most surprisingly--he always treated it as a family day.  To him, Valentine's Day was a day to show the people  he cared about how much he really loved them.  And, he really loved us.

When I was older,  I shared his philosophy and made sure to tell all my best friends how much they were loved on the 14th of February.  Now, I do the same with Peter.

Valentine's Day is not a day for cynicism, or "down with love parties".  It is not a day to feel hopeless or to complain about the fact that you don't have that "special someone" to share it with.  Instead, Valentine's Day is a day for celebrating the most wonderful gift we are given in life...love.  You don't need just one "special someone" because guaranteed you have many, many special people in your life.  Guaranteed, you love many people deeply and many people love you deeply.  What is there not to celebrate about that?

So, please be sure to spread your love this Valentine's Day.  Tell everyone you care about how you truly feel.  The candy, the flowers and the diamonds are not where the spirit of Valentine's Day lies.  The spirit of Valentine's Day lies in the heart and in the love and joy you share with others on this day.

Wishing you and the people you love a day of full and happy hearts! <3

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