Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gemütlichkeit is: home

It's Tuesday again; but this time, it's a special one.  The first two days of work this week are done and I only have two more to get through before I pack my bags, drive to Munich and fly back to California for two blissful weeks at home

I am so excited about this and have been for weeks.  Of course, the last few days, it is all I can think about.  By far my favorite thing to do at home is go out to dinner with my parents (or lounge around the in backyard with them).  As I have gotten older, I have learned how to appreciate my parents as two amazing people and not just as my parents.  I have grown to not only love them and need them but to thoroughly enjoy their company and the joys they add to my life by being themselves.  I feel so lucky to have my family. 

Peter is coming along this time, too.  It will be his first trip to California in one and a half years. I know he is as excited as I am, even if it's for different reasons.  The greatest joy having him together with my family.  Nothing makes my heart happier than my mom, my dad, my sister, my dog and Peter together.  It's rare that I have all those wonderful people (yes, my dog is a person) in one room. 

I don't think it matters where you come from or how much you love the place you live now, nothing gives you that warm, comfortable feeling quite like home.  It's so heartwarming to be taken back to your roots, back to what is simple, to see the people that have always loved you and always will.  Home is a time when things were simpler, a time when people were more genuine and place where you were free to run, play and explore.  It's a place where you can just be who you are.

Needless to say, I will be taking a break for about two weeks starting this Friday.  I am hoping to come back with my batteries recharged (by the sun, obviously) and a fresh perspective on all these obstacles I have been running into lately.  Spring is on it's way and I want to be ready to enjoy it!

Here are some pictures of what's waiting for me at home:
It's hard not to want to go home when home looks like this.


Girl's best friend. 
Do you have a great hometown?  Do you enjoy going home?  What's your favorite thing about it?  Your favorite thing to do? 

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ÉCLAIR said...

how exciting! hope your travels are safe! if you feel the need, i'll be working at flour garden tues,wed,sat and sun- i'd like to say hi :)